Javan's Signature Facials

Javan's Signature Facials
Javan's Signature Facials
Javan's Signature Facials

Make Me Javan - Signature Facial | 90-minutes

Our signature anti-aging treatment combines Hydrafacial and eTwo Sublime technology to tighten the skin, and promote a youthful appearance that can reverse the signs of aging in just 90 minutes! Hydrafacial is suitable for all skin types and addresses skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, brown spots, congested and oily skin. Sublime laser treatment uses light energy and bi-polar radio frequency to deeply heat layers of the skin and activate new collagen formation and existing collagen tightening. This is the perfect anti-aging treatment that will leave your skin glowing with almost no downtime!

Make Me Zen - Organic Facial | 45-minutes

Our organic and sustainably procured luxury skincare line, Kypris Beauty, combined with our skincare professionals are the perfect combination to deliver a relaxing facial to awaken your senses. This facial delivers active botanicals to promote smooth, youthful skin, leaving your skin fresh and invigorated. The treatment includes luxurious Kypris products – cleanser concentrate, Deep Forest Clay Mask, Cerulean Mask, Glow Philtre, Antioxidant, Clearing Serum, Heliotropic SPF, and a neck/décolletage massage. This treatment is perfect to cleanse, detox the skin, and relax!

Make Me Pure - Deep Cleanse Facial | 45-minutes

This deep cleanse facial will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed with medical grade skincare products, including Obagi Medical and Skinmedica. Products used are customized based on your skin concerns and includes extractions, steam, serums, either a light chemical peel or Ultrasonic treatment, and hydration/SPF. This treatment is perfect as a foundational cleanse to rid the skin of impurities to reveal visibly brighter skin. Texture of the skin. At Javan, we offer multiple types of chemical peels for all skin types and concerns, including acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, resurfacing, balancing, and addressing fine lines or wrinkles. A chemical peel induces a controlled injury to the skin with specific acids forcing it to peel and resurface, which may require some down time depending on the strength of the chemical peel being used.

Fire & Ice Facial by iS Clinical

Javan is proud to offer the popular Fire & Ice Facial from an award winning medical skincare line, iS Clinical. This intensive treatment will instantly brighten, tighten, soothe and deep clean blocked pores in your skin with gentle aromas of spicy warm cinnamon (fire) and cool peppermint (ice) to leave your skin refreshed and refined.
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