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All About IV Infusion Therapy


 Ever consider getting IV Hydration or an IV Vitamin infusion? Here’s some insight about one of my favorite treatments at Javan.

Why should you try IV Vitamin Infusion?

Every day we experience different kinds of stress, including an unbalanced diet, air pollution, illnesses, and inadequate sleep. At Javan we  offer IV vitamin infusions to help restore microelements and vitamins delivered directly into your bloodstream.

IV vitamin infusions are not considered a treatment for a specific health concern.  Instead, think of it as more of a hydrating, vitamin-rich boost for your body.  Each treatment comes with 1 liter of  IV fluids which hits a little different from simply drinking water, as the latter won’t hydrate you right away.  This is because your digestive system has to process the water before it reaches your dehydrated cells while IV fluids will hydrate much faster.  Additionally, IV infusions offer a mix of different vitamins to boost your energy and metabolism, support your immune system, and help get rid of free radicals.

Why IV vitamin Infusions are more effective than oral vitamins?

  • Rapid replenishment of vitamin and microelement deficiencies.
  • Does not disrupt the digestive tract.
  • The effects of the treatment appears immediately. With the help of IV infusion, vitamins can be delivered directly to the bloodstream, and from there they enter the internal organs and tissues. Immediately afterwards, a person’s condition objectively improves.

Who needs IV vitamin infusion?

If you had a crazy weekend partying, if you are tired after traveling or you are simply an active person who loves to work out, you’d be a great candidate for this service.  Another reason why people love IVs – ever feel nauseated to where even drinking water, which is likely the solution, makes you feel worse? Or does it make you feel discomfort or bloated?  IV’s can hydrate you and avoid the hurdle of those issues when drinking water.

Oftentimes, people come in groups as a weekend activity. Yes, Javan does IV parties, and I love when people come to us in groups for bachelor or bachelorette detoxes, game days, or just a guys or girls day out.

What do I need to know before coming to my appointment?

Javan offers a menu of IV cocktail variations, if you are not sure which one to get, we are happy to discuss the options and help you choose the best option based on your lifestyle and needs.

Just remember to come 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out a short medical history questionnaire and let the hydration begin!

We can’t wait to see at Javan!

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