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Take Care of Your Skin This Fall

As the weather changes, your skincare routine should adapt in kind. Make a few simple adjustments to your daily hygiene, and protect your skin against the dryness that often comes with cooler weather and harsher elements.

Here are our recommendations.

Get Your Skincare Routine Ready for Fall

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. The best thing you can do for your skin is to maintain a lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and daily activity. It’s the last part that can be a little bit difficult during fall; once the weather gets chilly and the sky turns grey, it can be all too tempting to just curl up under a blanket rather than hitting the gym. Remember that good skin requires you to keep your whole body healthy, and that means exercise, hydration, and proper nutrients.
  2. Cover up. The harsh fall elements can wreak havoc on your skin… but there’s an easy solution: Just keep exposed skin to a minimum. Hats, scarves, and gloves can all go a long way toward safeguarding your skin from the bitter winds. And don’t forget your earmuffs!
  3. Treat your skincare products like your wardrobe. Here’s what we mean: Once cool weather sets in, you cycle your tank tops and flip flops out of your wardrobe and bring warmer fall attire to the forefront. Along the same lines, cycle your spring/summer skincare products to the medicine cabinet or under the sink, and instead invest in some moisturizing/nourishing products that will help you throughout the autumn.
  4. Pamper yourself. Maybe not every day… but at least once, as the season begins, we recommend getting a facial and perhaps even a full-body exfoliation. This helps you get rid of old, dead skin and enter into the new season feeling fresh. Something else we’d recommend, which you can do even more regularly, is to soak in a warm tub, using skin- replenishing bath salts.
  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. To avoid dry, cracked skin, there’s no substitute for basic hydration. That means drinking water throughout the day, but it also means using moisturizing skincare products. It can be especially valuable to apply a layer of moisturizer before you go to bed, helping keep your body hydrated overnight.
  6. Don’t forget sunscreen. This is something that’s easy to neglect once the weather turns cold, but remember: Even if it’s cold outside, prolonged exposure to the sun can take its toll on your skin. It’s not much of a concern on cloudy days, but if you know you’re going to be outside for a while and the sun is shining bright, you may want to apply some SPF!

With these tips, you’re ready to head into the new season with your skin looking and feeling its best.

Get a Refreshed, Youthful Appearance

Also remember that you have plenty of options for regaining a refreshed, youthful appearance; we’d love to talk with you more about cosmetic solutions.

To learn more about available treatments, reach out to the team at Javan Wellness today!

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