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5 Skin Problems That Happen During Autumn

Fall can be a really lovely time of year; the weather starts cooling down, the leaves begin to change colors, and the promise of the holiday season isn’t too far off. But for all the great things about autumn, there are also a few drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks? Fall weather can really take a toll on your skin.

In fact, there are several skincare problems that tend to occur during the brisk autumn weather… but by knowing what they are, you may be able to develop strategies for avoiding them.

Common Autumn Skin Problems

Here’s a quick list of the most common autumn skin issues.

1) Dryness.

As the weather turns cold, it can cause the skin to become dry and flakey… and, if you turn on a space heater in your office or your bedroom, that just exacerbates the problem. Make sure you head into autumn with some good moisturizers that you can apply a couple of times throughout the day.

2) Eczema.

Those who suffer from this skin condition know all too well that brisk temperatures can cause it to flare up. There are a number of potential solutions, and sometimes all it takes is moisturizer application. Still, best to talk to your friendly neighborhood skincare expert for a more individualized suggestion.

3) Rosacea.

This is another skin condition that can be triggered by the transition to autumn; specifically, rosacea tends to flare up when you pass back and forth between warm and cool weather, something that can happen during fall. Some suggestions include sunscreen and skincare products that are made with extracts of coffee or cherry. Again, ask a skincare expert for a personalized approach.

4) Seborrheic dermatitis.

You might know this condition by its nickname: Dandruff. Flakes of dead skin can pepper your scalp, your face, even your eyebrows, and it’s embarrassing, to say the least. The best solutions include specialized shampoos, better stress management techniques, and healthy nutrition. If you’ve never talked to a doctor about your dandruff issue, that may also be a good step to take.

5) Keratosis pilaris.

This condition may cause patches of raised skin on your arms; it shouldn’t hurt, but it may be a little embarrassing. Most of the time, this condition flares up when you start wearing additional layers of clothing, which tends to happen when the weather turns chilly. Make sure you exfoliate regularly and aim for looser clothing as the weather permits.

Take Care of Your Skin This Autumn

Clearly, autumn isn’t all fun and games, especially not where your skincare is concerned. Thankfully, there are strategies you can use to optimize your skincare routine for the season.

If you have questions about any of these conditions, or about the options available for you to step up your skincare game, give us a call. At Javan Wellness, we’re here to help our clients look and feel their best. Contact us any time you’d like to talk about skincare.

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