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My Three Favorite Services at Javan Anti-Aging and Wellness

by: Rachel White, PA-C | Aesthetic Injector

When approaching what services, we offer at Javan, I think it’s really important to understand that aging is a complex process that goes beyond the surface.  Taking a holistic approach and using different modalities to help slow and reverse the signs of aging is key to amazing results.   Sadly, there isn’t just one magic wand (or procedure/product) that does it all,  but thankfully, we have all the good stuff at Javan.  I’ve rounded up my favorite services we offer at Javan that keep me looking youthful and people guessing my age. 😉 I can’t believe I can only pick three but here it goes:


Of course, as an injector, injectables are my all-time favorite procedures.  I do neurotoxin every 3-4 months and fillers every 6-12 months depending on my needs.  My favorite areas for neurotoxin induced muscle relaxation are my crow’s feet and in the area between my eyebrows (glabella complex) because it opens my eyes and gives me a happy, awake, and vibrant appearance and feeling.  Filler strategically placed in my cheeks and chin have changed the angles and light reflection on my face giving it a more contoured shape instead of flat and recessed.


Morpheus8/Microneedling are such awesome treatments for everyone regardless of age or skin type.  Regenerating collagen is crucial to keeping my skin looking firm and tight, which is a result I don’t directly get from fillers or neurotoxin.  My favorite area for Morpheus8/Microneedling is around my eyes where my skin is aging the fastest.  But let’s be honest, if I’m treating around my eyes, then I’m going to go ahead and treat my whole face and neck, and I think everyone should too.  My second favorite treatment area is my abdomen for skin tightening after having two babies.  The results from these treatments are amazing!


Last but not least is the “work” I do at home with my skincare routine.  The medical grade skincare we have at Javan has changed my life and my skin!  Not only does it improve the appearance and texture of my skin day to day, but it helps maintain the investment from in the office procedures I receive such as injectables and Morpheus8/Microneedling.  The science, research and true results behind the skincare lines that we carry are reason enough for me to never go back to a drugstore product ever again.
I can’t wait to see you at the clinic to discuss all your skincare needs to come up with a plan!

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