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Postpartum Morpheus8

By: Samantha Sachs, Nurse Practitioner

Having a baby can be the most beautiful time of your life. It is also a time where our body goes through dramatic changes as well.  

During pregnancy, our body will meet the demands of your growing baby. With this, your skin will stretch and accommodate your uterus.  

What happens after we give birth? Over the course of your post-partum recovery your body will hormonally and physically be adjusting to get back to “normal”. At the 6-month mark, my baby weight was gone, but I was left with the skin on my stomach showing all the evidence of my pregnancy. Of course, this is my hardworking, beautifully earned stretched skin, but that didn’t mean I needed to live with it. While working out can increase the musculature of the abdomen, the skin tightening unfortunately will not just retract fully. As we age, this is especially true. The elastin and collagen naturally in our skin has started to decrease, thus making it even more difficult for our stomach to tighten after pregnancy.  

Once I gave birth to my first child, an almost 9-pound baby, I didn’t know if I would ever feel confident again about my stomach. When my son was 10 months old, I finished breastfeeding and decided it was time to try Morpheus8. My main concern was the skin laxity. Morpheus8 was a safe and minimally invasive choice that had no downtime. Pain was treated with topical numbing as well as an analgesic before the treatment. Apart from a couple hours of swelling on my stomach, I was able to go about my day as usual. Using post-treatment recovery cream to keep my skin hydrated was also key.   

Morpheus8 was the most deserving process I entered postpartum.  

What is Morpheus8? Morpheus8 is an FDA treatment that uses radiofrequency as well as microneedling for the remodeling of your skin. This means it can target layers of my fat as well as skin laxity. Morpheus8 improved the tone and texture of my skin. I’ve used this amazing treatment all over my body and face, but for postpartum women this was what I had been waiting for. As an anti-aging focused nurse practitioner, I’m always excited to see new innovations that stimulate your body’s own collagen and elastin, so it is the everlasting procedure. I recommend 3 treatments always for the best results.  

I’m not done having children yet, should I still get this treatment? Think about it like this, would you wait until your done having children to get in better shape? Going into another pregnancy at your best will almost guarantee you an easier recovery/post-partum period. With better health, ideal weight, increased muscle tone, and improved skin integrity any pregnancy will have a better recovery.  

Almost one month post treatment and I am loving the difference. I can already see improvement in my stomach’s texture, tone, and laxity. I can’t wait to see the results after another treatment.

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