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Skincare in the United States

By: Ksenia Igonina, Master Aesthetician

Let’s talk about Skincare in the United States—if we go to any boutique, supermarket, pharmacy, or even gas station and take a stroll through the cosmetics aisle we will see number of products claiming to deliver healthier, acne and wrinkle free skin. And all of them will sound very advanced with key terms like organic, no parabens, no harsh ingredients, etc . So, seeing that, you might ask why do we need to spend hundreds of dollars on medical grade skincare?  Here’s why…

Over the counter (OTC), products contain only a fraction of the active ingredients you’ll find in medical grade skincare.

This is true even if your drugstore product is labeled as “clinical strength.” In reality OTC products are often too weak to achieve the desired effect if your skincare issue needs real treatment, such as acne or pigmentation.   OTC products have to be weaker in potency due to risk and liability, particularly because they are most often purchased without medical supervision and could cause harm otherwise.  For this reason, its always more effective to use medical grade skin care recommended by one of our clinical experts.  It contains much higher concentrations of active ingredients which will work to give you results.

All medical grade skincare is FDA approved.

This means your products have gone through trials and tests, and they are proven safe and effective for what they are intended to treat. Medical Grade Skincare companies worldwide also have a team of licensed physicians and skincare experts to conduct their own clinical testing and trials prior to submission with the FDA.  In contrast, OTC skincare has not gone through this rigorous process and many products in the cosmetics industry are not regulated.  Without regulations, we simply don’t know the specifics beyond basic ingredients of what is inside of that bottle you just purchased, how it is sourced, and what the ingredients collectively do based on clinical trials – and if its sold by a celebrity, its probably a high dollar bottle.

Medical Grade Skincare at Javan comes with Medical Expertise.

This is a terrific benefit because all recommendations for medical grade skincare are with a full skin evaluation and treatment recommendation to complement your skin regimen.  You will be introduced to the most potent products that are customizable for your skin type, to yield the best possible skin solution, whether that’s for acne, anti-aging, pigmentation, laxity, or other concerns.  While they may seem a little pricier, you will be surprised to learn you actually spend far less over time because you aren’t buying products that don’t suit your skin.  All of our skincare experts at Javan wellness are knowledgeable and can guide you in the right direction to achieve that picture perfect skin.

Last but not least – expiration date and quality matters.

If you buy skincare on Amazon or some other online retailers, anyone can be a seller, they can even sell you products that are short on expiration dates and formulated in countries where the ingredients are not as potent, then resold in the US.  This may also even be the case for what appears to be medical grade skincare products sold online.  Keep in mind, if it is truly medical grade, it cannot be sold without being under the license of a physician.  If you are buying Obagi, ZO Skincare, or any other brands online, they may not be what you think they are unless they are under an authorized medical retailer.

Skincare is an exceptionally important part of your aesthetic journey to glowing, radiant, healthy skin. Get great results, manage what you spend on skincare, and reduce all that bathroom cabinet clutter by making wiser choices. Don’t hesitate to discuss your skin concerns with us at Javan and together we’ll line up your skin care routine with what makes sense for your time, money, and goals.  With a wide range of medical skincare lines such as SkinMedica, Obagi, IS Clinical, Perfect Derma, ZO Skin Health, Elta MD and more – we got you covered.  See you soon!


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