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Your Skin is the New Long Term Investment

By: Ksenia Igonina, Master Aesthetician

Nowadays, it’s extremely popular to become an investor. People put money into the stock market or have other ventures, but we often forget to invest in ourselves, namely our wellness and skin health.  We overlook this as a potential key to help us build long- turn wealth!  Let me share with you some information about one of your greatest assets – your skin!

  • The epidermis, or skin is the largest organ in our body, and is also considered the largest respiratory organ
  • Our skin on average covers a surface area of approximately 22 square feet
  • Our skin, if hydrated properly, is comprised of about 80 % water
  • During an average lifetime, we shed around 40lbs of dead skin cells!
  • Our skin has 200 receptors and 100 pores on each square centimeter

You might ask why knowing this information is important.  Well, consider your hard work in building capital and your investments….but neglecting the greatest investment in treating and nourishing your own skin.  Having great skin can not only leave you looking refreshed, but also feeling great about yourself and your skin health.  At Javan we promote confidence with beauty as you define it, and it always starts with healthy, radiant skin.  Investing in your skin is a certain low risk, high return outcome.

The best way to do this of course is a combination of a customized at home skin care regimen and professional treatments, such as custom facials, hydrafacials, microneedling, or chemical peels which have low downtime and can address sun-damage, skin laxity, acne, or other skin concerns.  Long term anti-aging treatments can also go a step further to build collagen and keep you looking forever young.  These treatments include Morpheus 8, Clear + Brilliant, and Microneedling.  The best part is these options, while more invasive, still have relatively short recovery times – so you can get back to work or enjoy your daily routine in no time.

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