Beauty Bytes

Javan Featured in DC Magazine

Beauty is imperfect, elegance is everlasting and the keynote of being glamorous is you. Luxury is far more than a state of mind, and aging is a dirty secret we defy each day with grit, grace and a little bit of subtle enhancement. The essence of glamor is expressing your true self—resist the urge to simply be noticed, and instead be unforgettable.

Javan embraces everyone’s unique vision of beauty by re-envisioning what is already there. Our multifaceted approach goes beyond aesthetics with a complete suite of wellness offerings to help you discover a more youthful you. This is new-age medicine in aesthetics—a full spectrum of treatments to help you look and feel forever young, forever Javan.

Our favorite treatments this season include Morpheus8, a gold standard in anti-aging for contouring/tightening the face and body; jawline and cheek enhancement with dermal fillers; IV hydration with vitamin cocktails; and hormone replacement therapy. Javan’s esteemed team of skin, health and aesthetic experts have mastered the art of enhancing beauty while nourishing your health with these treatments and more. This is what makes our practice unique. It’s what builds the aura in our patients that radiates from within.

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