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Co-Founder Anita Abdeshahian makes DC Modern Luxury Magazine’s list of Power Players

Anita Abdeshahian is making her mark on the wellness industry through Javan Wellness, Washington, DC’s top-tier medspa. After 25 years of being a patient who kept wishing for better experiences, Abdeshahian decided to launch Javan Wellness to fill in the gaps she saw were missing in the field.

At its four locations, Javan Wellness offers skin care treatments, Botox and fillers, hormone replacement therapy, laser body treatments and much more to revitalize patients.

“My specialties as an owner of a medspa are unconventional,” says Abdeshahian. “I’m not an injector or an aesthetician. I’m a leader who has built a growing team of world-class providers. My job is to value them, create a positive work environment and give them the best tools to perform, all while maintaining my no- nonsense approach to management. A leader’s success comes from commitment and hard work, not their dreams and what they think they deserve.”

Always a step ahead, Abdeshahian continuously evaluates Javan to figure out how to improve the brand. From services and staff to locations, prices and the overall ambiance, she remains focused on perfecting every aspect of Javan. Abdeshahian’s commitment to her goals sets her apart, as she is never afraid to make tough decisions and do what’s best for her business.

“A Power Player is a leader who empowers others and sets a standard,” she says. “They are not stealthy and aggressive like queens in a game of chess. They are pawns who gain power by moving wisely. Everyone underestimates the pawn. The courage and willpower to firmly stand by your decision unswayed, with a plan to execute a vision that perhaps no one else sees, is the very essence of true leadership.”

Abdeshahian is using her influence to motivate and educate other medspa entrepreneurs. In the future, she will release a book on how to open a medspa and, this summer, will star in a new reality series, A Boss Like Her, which will highlight the happenings at Javan and the challenges of being a medspa boss.

“The future is growth, with a possible expansion on the horizon,” Abdeshahian says. “Stay tuned, DMV!”

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