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Enhance your natural beauty. Why change it?

By: Samantha Sachs, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

There are so many stereotypes about Botox and dermal fillers.  And it’s no wonder – we’ve all seen instances of how these treatments can simply go wrong.   Some people look so altered they are hardly recognizable from even 5 years prior.  I often wish they saw these treatments (which I absolutely love!) for what they are best used for – enhancements rather than full blown changes to one’s appearance.

As an aesthetic injector, I never want to make people look unrecognizable. I’d rather work my magic to make people look refreshed and more youthful. While I can help my patients achieve more volume or even enhance the shape of their lips, cheeks, and jawline, my goal is generally to never make them look like a different person.

Ultimately, the goal is to aesthetically slow down the signs of aging, which is why neurotoxins like Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport are always treatments I recommend to decrease muscle movement. Yes, there is always that question: Will Botox leave me expressionless? Will I be able to smile? Will Botox make me look different? The truth is, if you are seen by an injector who understands your goals and is well trained in delivering the treatment, you should not experience any of those things. Unfortunately, overdone procedures and the attention they get from a simple google search or a viral Instagram or TikTok post leave injectors spending a significant amount of time with patients debunking these myths. I’m always happy to educate any of my patients on this, but I love explaining the benefits of neurotoxins and dermal fillers more so than defending them for aesthetic procedures.

I often get patients asking for fillers or Botox to fix an issue that truly bothers them. Rather than addressing this individual concern, I would rather take a holistic approach and assess multiple reasons for what is causing the issue. For example, the jowl area is a common concern that I develop a multi-step treatment to address. Sagging, laxity, volume loss, aging – all of these factors combined can cause someone to request a dermal filler for a quick fix to the area. While this can “cover up” the appearance of aging and sagging fat, it might not be the best solution to address the cause – which means it will likely come back sooner than a patient expects.

Fillers and Neurotoxins are not the only tools I use at Javan to treat these issues. One of my favorite treatments I love adding to tighten up the skin and lift includes Morpheus8 – this is how I address layers of fat and laxity first. After a couple sessions of Morpheus8, the natural structure of your jawline will be more defined which gives us a great starting point. Afterwards, I can contour and enhance areas of the face with filler.

The same thought process exists with skincare and how our estheticians develop regimens and treatments for our patients. This is often overlooked for patients who initially think their issue relates solely to a Botox or Dermal Filler treatment. How can we treat you under the superficial layers of your skin, without addressing the surface of the skin?

Trust the process, and don’t rush the process. Enhance and don’t change. That’s always the approach I’m proud to take at Javan.

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