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Age is Just a Number – Javan’s Feature in Modern Luxury Medicine + Doctors Washington

By Javan Wellness

Getting older is inevitable, but looking old as the years go by doesn’t have to be. Although many factors are involved in the biology of aging-hormones, genetics, chronic stress, illnesses–there’s no need to search for the fountain of youth to maintain a revitalized look.  The team at Javan Wellness, a DC-founded medspa with four locations, believes in promoting lifestyle choices that support anti-aging. Here, find their best anti-aging tips based on your age.

In Your Roaring 20s:  “A lot of damage is done during a person’s 20s from alcohol, sun exposure, stress from school and lack of sleep,” says Javan Wellness founder Anita Abdeshahian. “The importance of sunsereen, light retinol, vitamin C, facials and light peels cannot be overstated.” Abdeshahian also recommends preventative treatments like “baby Botox” for those in their 20s.

In Your Thriving 30s: According to Javan Wellness, skin becomes more sensitive and doesn’t heal as fast in your gos. They recommend treatments that strengthen the skin, like microneedling/ moxi and hydrafacials, Botox, biostimulatory injections for collagen and elastin stimulation, and Morpheus8.

In Your Fabulous 40s and Beyond: After decades of careers, raising children and experiencing all life has to offer, the 40s are a time to focus on renewing dull and tired skin.

Become good at maintaining monthly hydrafacials to remove dead skin and congestion, and consider retinol, growth factors, antioxidants and hydration,” Abdeshahian says. “Your gos often means corrective care. However, if you complete the correct steps in your 20s and 30s, your problems will be minimal and far less expensive as you age. Combining aesthetics and wellness can play a great role in hiding your age.”

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