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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Throughout the day, our clients ask us a lot of questions about our beauty and wellness services here at Javan Anti-Aging and Wellness Institute, and we are always more than happy to answer them. To help you gather all the information you need, we’ve decided to answer the most popular questions right here on the blog. Read on for everything you need to know about Javan Wellness.

Should I Focus on Wellness or Anti-Aging First?

This is a personal question that only you can answer yourself. However, we often recommend focusing on the wellness aspects first as your lifestyle and overall health can play major roles in the aging process. It doesn’t make much sense to try to combat aging when your lifestyle is contributing it. Once you have addressed any underlying health issues, then we can get to work on restoring your youthful appearance.

If, on the other hand, you are doing everything you can to maintain your health and wellness, there is no problem with going straight to the anti-aging treatments. Our team of experts will advise you as to the best course of treatment for your specific situation. We tailor our approach to each client so you’ll never get cookie-cutter responses from us!

How Long Do Anti-Aging Treatments Last?

The answer to this question depends on the treatment you choose. For example, Botox treatments last for about three to six months, while the results of chemical peels only last about four to six weeks. Body contouring treatments, like Velashape, are permanent, but you’ll need to keep up with a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain the results and avoid gaining weight.

It is important to note that every person’s body reacts to treatments in different ways. Your results may last shorter or longer than the typical timelines mentioned above. As we develop your treatment plan, we’ll make continuous adjustments as we get to know your body’s response to treatment.

What if I’m Not Ready for Serious Anti-Aging Treatments?

That is perfectly understandable. If you would prefer to stick to the basics, that is just fine. We offer a selection of facials that incorporate the latest techniques from the medical, dermatology and beauty fields. These treatments are designed to help restore your skin to a more youthful appearance without the use of injections or other similar treatments. We’ll help you narrow down your options and choose the best facial to meet your needs.

Do You Offer Treatments for Men?

Yes, we absolutely do! We recognize that men care about their appearance just as much as women do, even if they don’t always show it. We welcome men to try out any of our skin care and anti-aging treatments as there is no rule that says they are specifically for women. We also offer hormone replacement therapy for men with low testosterone, as well as platelet-rich plasma therapy to combat hair loss by naturally stimulating growth.

For men (and women!) who love to stay active, we also offer IV infusion therapy and cell treatments to speed healing and recovery. Plasma injections can also be used to treat injuries and promote muscle growth. Finally, we offer weight loss counseling services to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Still Have Questions?

If we didn’t cover your question here, there is no need to worry. Simply get in touch with us at any time, and we’ll be more than happy to tell you everything you need to know. Call now to learn more and schedule your first appointment with us!

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