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The Dangers of DIY Botox

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives in a number of ways. Among other things, many of us have had a harder time having our basic beauty needs met, with many salons and cosmetic studios closed for quarantine. This has led a number of people to take matters into their own hands, not just with DIY haircuts, but even DIY Botox injections.

Yes, there have been many reports of those who’ve missed their regular Botox appointments picking up supplies and self-administering injections. We would highly caution against this; in this post, we’ll explain some of the dangers inherent to DIY Botox.

What is Botox?

To begin with, let’s offer a quick review of what Botox is and why it’s used.

Botox is a cosmetic injection that, when properly administered, can relax the muscles. It’s most frequently used to relax muscles in the face, which can help minimize wrinkles and fine lines and provide an altogether more youthful appearance.

It’s critical to note that Botox injections last for several weeks but then must be re-administered, which is why so many regular Botox users have grown antsy during the quarantine. But again, we’ll stress that DIY injections are not the answer. Botox should only be administered by professionals.

The Risks of DIY Botox

What many people don’t know about Botox is that it’s made from the same bacteria that caused botulism, a disease marked by significant paralysis and potentially long-lasting muscle damage.

When properly administered and correctly dosed, the risks of Botox are extremely minimal; in fact, Botox injections are incredibly commonplace. But if you do it yourself, without the proper training, there is real risk of administering the wrong amount or injecting in the wrong place. And the consequences can be severe, including the risk that you completely paralyze part or all of your face.

Something else that’s worth mentioning is that the FDA considers Botox to be a prescription medication, which means you can only legally obtain it through a medical professional. If you’re buying Botox online without a prescription, you’re engaged in illicit activity. So, there could be legal risks, as well as medical ones.

The Safe Way to Pursue Botox

We’d highly recommend that those who need their Botox injections to go about it the right way: Reach out to Javan Wellness and see when you can get in here for a professionally administered, correctly dosed injection.

Remember that, when handled by a professional, Botox comes with exceedingly low risk. And, it can have a fast-acting effect, smoothing your wrinkles and helping you regain a more youthful countenance.

We are proud to provide professionally administered Botox injections at Javan Wellness and are also happy to answer any questions you may have about how Botox works.

Reach Out to Javan Wellness

We know that many of our regulars have found the quarantine to be challenging, not least because of the inability to have normal cosmetic procedures done. But again, the risks of DIY jobs are just too great. Please contact us about your Botox needs, rather than taking them on yourself.

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