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Cells and Exosomes

Although the period of time that Cells and Exosomes have been researched has been short-lived, we have seen tremendous evidence to show that there is a significant amount of regeneration for many pathologies.

Adding this as a tool to our practice gives us a cutting-edge advantage to acclerate the anti-aging process. My hope is to continue to research and find new avenues to help treat patients with musculoskeletal injuries such as shoulder, knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA), tendonitis, muscle spasm, degenerative spine (degenerative disc) and more.

More interestingly I have ventured into studying the effects of cell and exosomes on diabetes, cancer, dementia, lymes disease, fibromyalgia, stroke Etc.  I am dedicated to making this the forefront of our practice and to continue pushing the boundaries of medicine to find better alternative treatments.

Dr. Abdeshahian, Owner and Physician at Javan Wellness

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