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Javan’s Winter Wellness Guide: Recommended Skin Care Products

Winter is on its way, which means it’s time to adjust your skin care routine accordingly. Cold temperatures, harsh winds, and dry air will challenge your skin to retain its moisture. That’s why we asked our skin care experts to recommend some winter-friendly products, all of which we stock at Javan Wellness, to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Cooler seasons are a great time of year to introduce retinoids into your skincare regime. These Vitamin A derivatives lead the industry as far as delivering amazing results to clients and patients everywhere. Skinmedica’s Retinol Complex is my go-to choice for clients interested in anti-aging and that may have concerns with large pore sizes, congestion, acne, or acne scarring.

Retinols have been scientifically proven to boost collagen, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, smooth the skin’s texture, help to speed up cell turnover, remove discoloration, brighten skin tone, and unclog and decrease pore size. Retinols exfoliate the dead skin cells and other clogging material from the top layer of skin and kill bacteria that causes breakouts, leaving your face feeling smooth and clean.

Retinol products are best used at night when our bodies are at complete rest, allowing it to penetrate the dermis deeper that it normally would during the day. While retinols provide amazing results, using them does leave the skin slightly photosensitive, meaning it is vital that you protect your skin properly from the sun to avoid hyperpigmentation.

These products are usually suggested to be used all throughout the face, avoiding the lip and eye area, anywhere from 1-3 nights a week or can also be used as spot treatments to combat sporadic, stubborn breakouts. Retinols can also be somewhat drying so it is common to start out slow, increasing your use as your skin becomes familiar with the product.

When you schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skin care experts, they’ll help you determine if retinol is right for your skin and how often to apply.

A client who recently began using retinol can expect to feel some dry/tight sensations on the areas treated. Some products that should be included in your skin care regime during the winter months, especially when using a retinoid, are Obagi Professional-C Serum, Kypris Cerulean Mask, and Milk and Honey’s Body Cream No. 46 and 16.

Obagi’s Professional C-Serum is an excellent product to be used in combination with retinols. This amazing serum stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces inflammation, suppresses stubborn pigmentation, and helps skin to retain moisture.

Using this serum after using a retinol the night before is an excellent choice to help restore the hydration and balance of the skin and to soothe any irritation. Obagi’s Professional C-Serum also works along with your sunscreens to enhance UV protection, which is very much needed for photosensitized skin.

Kypris Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask is another amazing product to incorporate into your winter routine. During the winter months, we turn on the heat, which can cause dryness/irritation of the skin. This gentle, luxurious, botanically based mask requires only twenty minutes of your time and works to soothe, soften and hydrate the skin’s dermis.

Interested in receiving some personalized skin care recommendations based on your skin type and seasonal needs? Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skin care experts, who will help you determine the best products and treatments to winterize your wellness routine.

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