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Peel Season is here!

By Willa Tuggle, Javan Ballston Manager Fall has officially arrived and so has Peel Season! Peel Season is the perfect time to clean up any damage acquired from over the summer months where you may have spent too much time in the sun. Some evidence of this may be new freckles, sun spots, and a […]

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The Multi Modality Approach to Acne

By Emilia Montalvo, Master Aesthetician at Javan Wellness Rome wasn’t built in a day and the journey to skin health should also take some time and patience. When a client comes to me, presenting with acne prone skin, I always ensure that they understand that there’s no overnight one and done fix. I believe that […]

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Skincare Affects Your Makeup

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My personal aesthetic motto is ‘skin first, makeup second!’ Our skin is our responsibility for as long as we are alive, meanwhile, makeup is temporary. This is why our primary focus must be our SKIN! Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is our protective barrier, which is why it is so imperative […]

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